Why Do We Love What We Love- The Geek Pantheon Episode 4

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Buckle up for a passionate and raw discussion of why geeks choose to love things that many people may deem childish or a “waste of time”.  Eric, Trevor, and Trevor open up about why geek culture drew them in, as well as talking about Freddie Mercury’s new asteroid, The Division video game, and Trevor M.’s stellar Liza Minnelli impression.  This is an episode you most certainly don’t want to miss!

One thought on “Why Do We Love What We Love- The Geek Pantheon Episode 4

  1. I love your podcasts! 💙
    I look forward to the newest one each week. There is a little bit of everything for everyone. I laugh; I cry… Ok, I don’t cry, but I have had a few tears from cracking with you all. I’m always assured to learn some new nerdy goodness, and there is just enough musical theatre to pique my curiosity and keep me wanting more. The podcasts are chock-full of pop cultural references which is a lot of fun.
    Each podcast has been better than the one before. Keep it up, guys! Great job!

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