The Fighter Class: Eye of the Felidar-The Knowledge Check Podcast – Episode 2

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This week on The Knowledge Check Podcast, Eric and Philip dive into the Fighter Class. The often overlooked class is featured and its strengths are highlighted, and we discuss why it may actually be the one of the most versatile classes in the game.  The new Unearthed Arcanas, featuring Warlocks, Wizards, and Mass Combat, are broken down into the most interesting bits, and we have ourselves a build off!  Eric and Philip do their best to wow you with some very interesting fighter builds that show off how vastly far you can go beyond “I swing my sword and hit him”.  All this and more on this week’s The Knowledge Check!

2 thoughts on “The Fighter Class: Eye of the Felidar-The Knowledge Check Podcast – Episode 2

  1. In discussing the fighter, you commented about the difficulties of giving a PC a heroic and interesting background, yet still explaining why they are only level 1.

    I think that’s a mistake; it’s on us to accept how great a 1st level PC is, rather than to justify why they aren’t.

    A starting hero is far more capable than an average human. They may not be ready to take on global threats, but they’d certainly be the heroes of their hometowns, larger than life people who have wrestled bears, run marathons, tricked giants, and stood against terrifying odds. Going by CR, a starting fighter is as dangerous as a lion, tiger, or bear, or an entire squad of city guards.

    If your character had a soldier background, it’d be entirely justifiable to describe how there’s a song about how he saved his entire unit single-handedly. A criminal isn’t just some street tough or ex-pickpocket, she’s the most-wanted thief in Teren with a huge bounty on her head. A hermit isn’t just some crazy old wizard from the desert, but a strange and rumored wise man of the wastes. Your folk hero might actually be Jack the Giant Killer, or at least the inspiration for him.

    And none of that conflicts with being level 1 — it’s how they got to be level 1 heroes at all!

    1. Darth Pseudonym, we couldn’t agree with you more. I think this was just an issue of us not being clear. Listen in for your shout out and us providing some clarification next show!

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