The Boss Fight!-The Knowledge Check-Ep. 3

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The adventure is coming to a close, everything the heroes have done is coming to a head, and there is one last thing to do….Take down the big bad evil guy.  But how do we as Dungeon Masters craft a unique, compelling, and dynamic ending to the campaign?  Listen in as Eric and Philip break everything down through the lens of a BBEG fight they created for a campaign of their own, and what they think worked along with what they wish they could do differently now.  Come join us for a new edition of The Knowledge Check!

2 thoughts on “The Boss Fight!-The Knowledge Check-Ep. 3

  1. I feel lucky to have stumbled upon The Knowledge Check *entirely* randomly, especially so soon after you’ve just started! All three episodes have been great so far, and I especially enjoyed your Fighter Build-Off in episode two. Hope to see more of those with other classes in the future!

    BTW: I don’t have an iTunes account. (I listen through Pocket Casts on Android.) Is there anywhere else I could leave a review that would be helpful for you guys?

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