So You Made a Deal With the Devil…The Warlock Class- The Knowledge Check Ep. 4

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This week on The Knowledge Check Eric and Philip break down the Warlock class, figuring out where this class shines, what to discuss with your DM, and how to get the most mileage out of your Patron’s story.  We also look at D&D Beyond, the Mystic class, and do another build off to see how truly different the Warlock can be.  Come check it out on The Knowledge Check Podcast!

5 thoughts on “So You Made a Deal With the Devil…The Warlock Class- The Knowledge Check Ep. 4

  1. I don’t get what you were saying about burning hands cast in a third level slot.

    A Burning Hands at that level would be 5d6, Dex save half. A fireball is 8d6, Dex save half. Unless you’re really strapped for known spells, the fireball is just better. The only benefit of Burning Hands might be that the cone shape is slightly easier to maneuver around allies, but the lack of range kind of counteracts that benefit.

  2. Also: Multiclassing can’t get you into heavy armor. PHB p164 shows what proficiencies you get, and it’s never heavy armor. You’d have to start as a fighter and then multiclass into warlock.

  3. Rolling for stats on your build offs just seems wrong. None of us want to hear about a character you make that has the highest stat of a 9. 😐

    Might I suggest following the character building rules for the Adventurer’s League when you guys do the build offs? Standard array of 15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8… or, at the most, point buy. But roll for stats is not good.

  4. Thanks for the feedback OgreBane99! The main reason we decided to go with rolling for stats rather than Standard Array/Point Buy is because it allows for a greater amount customization and narrative flavor to a character as opposed to being a “standard hero”.

    Also, if in a rare case we rolled a character whose highest stat was a 9 (Sweet Jesus please let that never happen to anyone) we would honestly reroll the character, just like we would allow a player at our table to reroll in that situation.

    We will talk about changing things up in the future and weigh which direction we want to go with, but I hope the reasoning I gave make sense and you can see where we are coming from in terms of why we have rolled for stats vs. the other methods.

    Thanks again for the feedback

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