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Eberron Airship Crew
The Crew of the Airship Falling Skies
Angel Mini
My cleric needed a Planar Ally to summon

Our podcasts have grown faster than we could possibly have imagined when we began, and we know we have only you our listeners to thank for that. We’d like to continue that growth into the future. One way for us to continue to reach a wider audience is for the recommendation algorithms on podcasting platforms to push us closer and closer to the top, and you can help! While our podcasts have hundreds of subscribers, they have relatively few ratings and reviews on the most popular platforms. It would be a great help for more of our listeners to post reviews,  and we’d like to reward you for doing so!

Draconos mini
Droconos, we hardly new ye.

So we are beginning another contest. To enter this contest, all you have to do is write a review on your preferred podcasting app, take a screenshot, and email it to us at . On August 24th (a date chosen arbitrarily by me), Eric will draw from among all entries for a winner.

What is the prize, you ask? The winner will get to commission a mini to be painted by me. There are a handful of limitations I’ll deal with below, but I’ll work with the winner to understand what they want, provide them with a few options, and then paint the mini and send it to them. The pictures throughout this post are minis I’ve done that I think turned out well.

Drakir mini
Drakir do’Vrim

Again, we thank you for your continued support of our nerdy habit. An especially big thanks to those who support us on our Patreon. Your patronage has made numerous improvements possible, and we will continue toward more and better nerdy content for you to enjoy.

Mini Commission Details: The mini will be selected from among options I’ll offer the winner based on a description of what they’re looking for. The mini should be roughly human sized in game terms (no gargantuan dragons, sorry).

Dragonmarked Sorceress
Dragonmarked Sorcerer

I’ll discuss color scheme and other details with the winner, but use my own judgment on the details of painting the mini. I’d expect a 2 week turnaround between commission and shipping. It could be faster, but I’m allowing for life to intervene. Finally, I make no claims to be a professional artist. I’m an enthusiastic amateur.

Gnor, and his invisible friend Rong

The minis I paint are painted for use at a game table, not for display or competition. I’ve never won any awards nor entered any contests with my work. What I make are good, functionally painted minis – not works of art – and that’s what I’ll deliver to the winner.

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