C1 Ep. 145 The Nightmare’s Dusking Chapter One

The end of the road rapidly approaches as Booyah, Beric, Dex, and Bhimaani find themselves in the heart of Dal Quor. Only one question remains, once they initiate the turning of Dal Quor will they be able to hold the line long enough?

This episode is brought to you by the generous donations of our amazing Show Sponsors: Laura Pickrahn, Darrin Katzska, Irene Viorritto, Ryan Royce, Darrell DeLaney, Charles Compton, Richard Cree, Nastasia Raulerson, The Kamm Family, David Scrams, Elizabeth Clark, Rebekah Miller, Eðvarð Arnór Sigurðsson, Michael Clark, and Dustin Troupe.

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