C2 Ep. 7 Thinking Inside the Box Chapter One

This week the party is hired by the mysterious Halden to transport a valuable box to the darkest depths of the city known as the Cogs. But what seems like a straightforward job soon leaves everyone asking the question: What’s in the box?

This episode is brought to you by the generous donations of our amazing Show Sponsors: Laura Pickrahn, Darrin Katzska, Irene Viorritto, Ryan Royce, Darrell DeLaney, Jessica Smith, Charles Compton, Richard Cree, Nastasia Raulerson, The Kamm Family, David Scrams, Elizabeth Clark, Rebekah Miller, deviouspoptart, Eðvarð Arnór Sigurðsson, Michael Clark, Eric Witman, and Dustin Troupe.

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