Welcome to the Geek Pantheon!

The Geek Pantheon cultivates an engaging and inclusive community for all tabletop gamers while producing energetic tabletop content.

Eberron Renewed

Our actual play podcast has been going for 5 years now and we are into our second campaign. Feel free to start back at the very first episode of the ‘On Borrow Time’ campaign and follow a cast of characters through trials and tribulations as they strive to save their way of life. Or hop into our newest campaign set in the city of Sharn following our intrepid crew of criminals seeking to make their way in an unforgiving city.

Live Streaming on Twitch

If you want to come connect with me and talk all things tabletop roleplaying, video games, or acceptable pizza toppings then The Geek Pantheon Twitch stream is where you want to be. I go live Sunday and Tuesday nights, as well as most Saturday mornings, and I would love to talk with all of you as I poorly play video games (I’m decent at some, but let’s keep those expectations low).

Khyber Shards

Our YouTube Actual Play Show follows Esri, Wog, Shade, and Ari as they try to navigate the pirate city of Stormreach after escaping a black ops program ran by the Twelve.

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