History Check 4: Constance Markievicz

29 April, 1916 The soldier kneels in the muddy ground, resting a rifle on the parapet of the trench and looking across no man’s land toward the enemy with the white flag. For days, shells have fallen continuously, their deep booms punctuating the sharp crack of rifle fire and the stutter of machine guns. TheyContinue reading “History Check 4: Constance Markievicz”

History Check 1: Harald Hardrada

Welcome to History Check. This will be an ongoing series of blogs where I’ll introduce you to some of the real life adventurers throughout history,  and discuss how their story can serve as inspiration for your RPG as a character or NPC background, or even inspiration for an adventure or campaign. In each article, I’llContinue reading “History Check 1: Harald Hardrada”

The DM Experience 6: It’s Complicated

Previously on Mummy’s Mask… The heroes have regrouped from their defeats and pursued the Forgotten Pharaoh’s minions to the Slave Trenches of Hakotep on the western edge of Osirion. There, they find a strange tower spilling dark energy, created a Manifest Zone to the Shadowfell over the whole region and drawing souls from the afterlifeContinue reading “The DM Experience 6: It’s Complicated”

The DM Experience 5: Failure is Always an Option

Previously on Mummy’s Mask… Wati is attacked! Having triumphed over Drusiss, the players return to Tephu. Their attempts to wrap up a few loose ends in the city are interrupted when a flying pyramid accompanied by an undead dragon arrive and begin bombarding Tephu and its neighboring city Wati! At the same time, Sabine (FContinue reading “The DM Experience 5: Failure is Always an Option”

The DM Experience 4: No Plan Survives Contact with the Enemy, I mean Players

  Previously on Mummy’s Mask… Ali died. Sarenrae offered her the chance to stay in Nirvana, and Ali said no, she had things to do. She returned in response to the call of a resurrection spell, but resurrection does not go unnoticed by the guardian of Death’s gates – the Raven Queen. With Ali returned,Continue reading “The DM Experience 4: No Plan Survives Contact with the Enemy, I mean Players”