About Us

We are a group of guys who are passionate about a variety of things from all over the spectrum of what many call geeky and nerdy hobbies.  All of us are self-proclaimed experts in different areas and enjoy bringing our own unique viewpoint to the conversation, regardless of our knowledge level.


Loves all forms of gaming.  Video games, board games, and tabletop RPGs all bring a smile to Eric’s face and he loves diving deep into a story with friends and family.  He also loves comic books and thinks the complete takeover of the film industry by comic book characters is great.


Philip is a huge fan of tabletop gaming, having run games in a multitude of systems for well over a decade now.  He teaches high school history and spends quite a bit of time painting minis.


Jeff has been on quite a journey since joining the network, going for zero tabletop gaming experience to diving head first into a campaign while presenting his DM with a page long backstory.  Jeff enjoys movies, board games, and being aloof about Star Wars.


Randy loves setting up at comic cons where he is a purveyor of all sorts of geeky goodness. He collects numerous things, including Silver Age comics, Lego and Redline Hot Wheels. Video games, RPGs and boardgames are favorite pastimes. According to his wife, Randy has an unhealthy habit of collecting more men’s fragrance than he can ever wear.

Trevor M.:

Trevor is a huge Pokemon fan. Don’t get him started on Musical Theatre unless you have a few free hours to commit to listening. Trevor also goes nerdy for Star Wars and Lord of the Rings, in addition to Game of Thrones and True Blood. Did he mention he likes Pokemon? Don’t worry, he will.

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